Monday, February 6, 2012

Kitchen Shelf

This is the disaster that was my kitchen shelf.  The 2 boxes are used to store rarely used kitchen necessities (like a gravy boat and cake decorating supplies).  On the box on the right are our array of commonly used adult medicines.  On the left box are a box of Ziploc baggies (I have no idea why they are here, they have a home elsewhere) and a stack of washcloths that I use for washing my kids faces after meals.  The pile in the middle of the shelf includes oven mitts, hot pads, and my kitchen scale.  This area made me feel stressed just looking at it.  I worked on clearing these things little by little over the last two weeks.  The medicines that are not for daily use were put in the medicine cabinet (novel idea, right?).  The oven mitts and hot pads that never get used were thrown away or donated to Goodwill.  The boys helped me hang a mesh bath toy bag that we happened to have lying around (literally lying around- it had been lying in the upstairs hallway floor for who knows how long) in one of the under sink cabinets using 3M Command Hooks to hold the clean washcloths.  The baggies were put where they belong in the pantry.  This is what the shelf looks like now:
The boxes are now easy to access, the oven mitts are manageable, the scale is easy to use and return to its place, and the every day medicines are stored neatly in a tray that was not really being used in another cabinet.  Now I don't immediately want to cry every time I stand at the sink. 

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