Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spiderman Strait Jacket

I know, you cannot resist reading a post titled "Spiderman Strait Jacket." 

I have been really trying to get things done this week.  The pressure is on as I have realized that what started as 158 days is now closer to 80 days.  The problem that I am having is that in the last 2 weeks Kyler has transitioned from a sweet (most of the time) baby into a toddler terror.  He is into everything, and I cannot turn my back on him even for a moment (not that he would let me, as that would require his detaching himself from my leg).  He is also whiny, needy, and demanding.  Maybe other people's toddlers don't do this, but when my kids are toddlers they seem to just want to have something to fuss about.  For example, I put his boots on him.  Within minutes he takes off his boots and cries because they are off.  This makes me CRAZY.  My favorite Kyler toddler moment of the week is what I like to call the Spiderman strait jacket.  I was getting Kyler dressed.  He helped choose his clothes and brought them to me (indicating that he was ready to get dressed).  I started taking off his Spiderman pajama shirt, but after getting one arm halfway out he tried to run away.  I tried the other arm, but I was only able to get it halfway out also.  Then Kyler ran around his room screaming with both of his arms stuck partially out of the sleeves.  It took almost 10 minutes to calm him down enough that he would let me help him get the shirt off.  While this was irritating, it was also absolutely hilarious (I have to find joy in the little things). 

These are the struggles I have been facing recently, but here are some successes. 

Kitchen cabinets before:

The cabinet in the top picture is next to the stove and I can reach everything in it except the top shelf stuff.  The bottom picture is the cabinet above the stove.  I can only reach about 4 things that are at the very front.  The problem being that I use the stuff in this cabinet all of the time.  It was very inconvenient.

Here are the after pictures:

Now all of the stuff I use on a regular basis (except the vegetable oil because it is too tall) are in the cabinet that I can reach.  The top shelf holds refills and extras.  The cabinet above the stove holds some taller bottles (mostly stuff I rarely use) and there is a good bit of empty space here now that I am not sure yet how to use.  As far as organization goes the before and after pictures look very similar, but the huge difference is in function.  I have no idea why I did not make these changes 5 years ago. 

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