Friday, December 2, 2011

Setting a good example

Over the last couple of weeks my kids have seen me sorting through stuff and getting rid of a lot.  Today I realized that this example has been seen by my four year old.  Cade has a plastic shoe box that he keeps cards and drawings in.  He likes to keep Birthday cards and any others he gets, plus various postcards and some drawings that he has been unable to part with.  Our rule is that he can't keep anything that he can't fit in the box.  Today (by his own choice) he sat in the floor and spent 20 minutes sorting his cards and papers.  He made piles to separate his favorites, the ones he is ready to get rid of, and "maybes."  When he was done he had put over half of what was in his box in the recycling.  I am so proud.  Now when I am tempted to let stuff pile up or keep things that we don't need I can remind myself that little eyes are watching me.

Also, I finally finished sorting the mountain of receipts that had stacked up.  Yay!

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