Thursday, December 1, 2011

Made some progress

I am glad that I didn't post any goals yesterday for what I hoped to get done today.  If I had I am pretty sure I would not have gotten any of them done.  That being said, I did get a few things done that I hadn't expected to.  I worked on some mending that needed to be done.  There was a laundry basket in my room full of stuff that had small holes or buttons that needed sewn back on.  I got about half of that taken care of today.  I would not normally consider that as organizing, but it got some stuff put away.  Today I will take what I can get.  I also sorted through a bunch of papers and organized them by category (medical/insurance, cell phone, auto, etc.).  Does everyone else get eight million pieces of mail a week from their health insurance company?  Anyway, I have a lot to shred and recycle.  We are well on our way to having an organized home filing system.

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