Friday, November 25, 2011

149 Days to Go

There are now 149 days until my goal and progress is being made slowly but surely.  Today I spent most of the day recovering from my Thanksgiving exhaustion (and sleeping for 2 nights on the twin size bottom bunk of my son's bed with my husband), but a few things were accomplished.  James and I sorted through several c.d.s and a drawer full of computer software discs.  We are going to take most of our c.d.s and a lot of our DVDs also to a used books and music store to get then out of our house.  Any c.d. that we have the music from loaded onto the computer we are going to get rid of.  I will be careful to back up everything so I don't lose all of my music if something happens to our computer.  We will also keep our kids' c.d.s.  When we get a c.d. of children's music we make a copy of the c.d. and put that in Cade's c.d. wallet.  We keep the original.  Now when he scratches or breaks a c.d. we can just make a new copy from our original.  We were also able to throw away installation discs for software that we don't use anymore.  We will work on this more tomorrow.

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