Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting stuff out!

Today I ran a bunch of errands in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Some of the errands included dropping off a huge bag and a large diaper box full of stuff at Goodwill and taking a bag of toys to a donation drop off for Toys for Tots.  I am so happy that this stuff is getting out of my house.  By the time I got home my husband had a laundry basket full of clothes that also need to go to Goodwill, so those will be leaving the house in the next couple of days also.  He cleared two drawers from his dresser so now we will have a place to put some baby clothes when the time comes.  Yay!  There is still a lot more to get rid of, but progress is being made.

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  1. Mel~Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

    I have been doing this very thing at my house. When we knew we would be moving eventually after Mike's graduation last year we started weeding stuff out. I can't tell you how many trips to Goodwill we took. It felt good to unload a lot of junk we just stuck in the garage and the attic and then forgot about them.

    I have continued to get rid of stuff here as well. This house is smaller and there is no garage to hide stuff in:) That is a good thing because I am intentional about things I keep. There is an attic but I don't allow myself to just stick stuff up there. It has to be in a container and it has to be inventoried so we know exactly where things are. I used the Duggar's system for organizing our plastic storage bins. Each bin is assigned a # and it is logged in a notebook with what is in the bin.
    If I switch out things in the bin or get rid of something I just erase it it out of the book.

    I have also started keeping a Goodwill box that stays out all the time. As soon as I decide that the item can be donated it goes straight in the box. I have tried to give myself a goal like: Try to fill the box before errand day so I can drop it off on my way to Target.

    These things have helped me because I have a tendency to let things pile up and get out of control then I get overwhelmed because I don't know where to start. It helps that I have very limited space here and I won't allow myself to buy anymore plastic bins so whatever stays has to be usable:)

    Sorry to have written a book but when I read all your posts I could so relate with what you are trying to do.

    Oh and I even have Mike in on the Goodwill box. Today while getting ready for church he tried on a shirt and a pair of shoes that really didn't work for him and he promptly put them in the box:)