Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cookbooks, Magazines, and VHS Movies

Today I worked on a hodge podge of things that I never know what to do with.  To begin with, I went through a few cookbooks that I never reference.  One of them didn't have any recipes that I will ever use, so it is leaving.  The other two had no more than 5 recipes each that I wanted, so I am typing the recipes into Word documents and getting rid of those cookbooks, too.  I have more cookbooks to deal with still, but this opened up a little space in my stuffed kitchen cabinets. 

Next I worked on a big stack of magazines.  Recipes that I want I find online and save in Word documents.  If there are any craft or organization articles that I want to keep I tear them out and file them in one of 2 expandable files I keep for this purpose.  I only keep the most recent issue of each magazine I subscribe to.  The only exception is the I keep all of my copies of Disney Family Fun because they usually have a lot of stuff I want to keep and reference.  I have not yet figured out how or where I am going to keep my back issues.  Any suggestions?

Finally, we worked through some boxes of movies we have on VHS.  The ones we like or want to keep we are recording onto DVDs and then getting rid of the VHS tapes.  Today James got 5 movies from VHS onto 2 DVDs.  This saves space and is more practical because the VCR part of our DVD/VCR combo doesn't work.  The only reason we are even concerned about keeping these movies is that almost all of them are James's James Bond collection.

Does anyone else out there have outdated technology (VHS tapes, cassettes, etc.)?  How are you dealing with this stuff?  Speaking of outdated technology, I had to laugh the other day when my husband found a stack of at least twelve floppy discs when he was cleaning out our old laptop bag.

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