Saturday, January 28, 2012

I feel like such a failure

I wish that when I set my goals for this blog that I had included that I would like to have written proof of my inability to meet my expectations.  If that were the case then I would have accomplished at least one of my goals.  I saw on another blog recently where a blogger posted some "Friday confessions."  I am going to steal her idea.  These are my Saturday confessions.

Confession #1- On Monday while I was in my bedroom taking pictures and writing out descriptions for the things I want to list on Ebay I heard, "Mommy doesn't know what we're doing" along with a lot of giggles.  This is what I found:

They emptied almost all of their clothes from the dresser, dumped them in a big pile, and danced around them.  I let them play with the mountain of clothes while I finished what I was doing because they were entertained and I needed to go through their clothes and take out all of the stuff that was too small anyway.  

Confession #2- When Kyler and I got home from our weekly grocery shopping trip I carried in the bags and then I needed to use the bathroom (because I'm pregnant, so that's what I do).  In the 45 seconds that I was in the bathroom Kyler noticed that I had already unlocked the pantry and accomplished this:
He emptied two shelves from the pantry in less than a minute.

Confession #3- This morning when I got out of the shower I found Kyler sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor covered in Cade's blueberry scented shampoo.  I hadn't even realized that he was in the room with me.  I felt like Mother of the Year.  I managed to get Kyler, his stuffed dog, and the bathroom floor cleaned up, but in the middle of that process James called to let me know that he'd be home from work later than we had expected.  At that point we were still hoping he would be home by 10:30.  Later during nap time I went up to check on the boys (who I knew were still awake based on the noises coming from their room) when Cade informed me that "Kyler made some oatmealy-spit uppy stuff in his crib."  I got Kyler's clothes and bedding changed and he finally took a nap.  After all of the messes I have cleaned up this week I am too exhausted to get anything else done.

Confession #4- I skipped organizing on Monday afternoon to take the boys out puddle splashing.

I don't even feel bad about it.  We all had fun (until Kyler was knocked flat in a giant puddle).  The organizing will get done eventually.  I am not willing to sacrifice opportunities like this with my children.

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