Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sickness, sickness go away

I am still feeling pretty crummy.  As a result very little has been done for the last week.  Thanks to the help of my wonderful husband, we did get a lot of stuff out of our house today.  He helped sort and pack stuff throughout the week.  This afternoon/evening we had our first "date" in months.  On our date we dropped stuff off at Goodwill, took more stuff to a used book store, went to 2 different Target stores, and had dinner at Olive Garden.  I know that aside from dinner it sounds more like errands than a date, but it was all done without the kids, so we count it as a date.   We took 4 large boxes of stuff plus our old Christmas tree to Goodwill.  We also took a large box of books, c.d.s, and DVDs to the used book store.  We got $35 in cash plus about $5 in store credit for all of the stuff that we didn't need anyway.  We could have gotten $78 in store credit, but we agreed that since the goal is to get stuff out of our house and not bring more in we went with the cash.  At Target we got a lot of organizational bins because I had a gift card that I had set aside for this purpose.  Now I am really looking forward to cleaning out my closet.  I had to put it off from last week because of a sinus infection.  I hope this week will be better and I will have more to post.

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