Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unexpected Interruption

This afternoon I was feeling particularly motivated, so I decided to organize our under the sink cabinet in the upstairs bathroom.  This is where we store the stockpile of personal care items in addition to rarely used stuff like the extra cottonballs and q-tips.  This is what the cabinet looked like to begin with:

With a little help from the boys I took everything out of the cabinet.  This is what our bathroom looked like with everything out:
I then grabbed one of the two wire baskets that I keep in there and it bumped (very gently) into the pipe.  Then water began spewing everywhere.  I am so thankful that this happened when I had everything out of that cabinet.  It is also moments like this that make me so thankful that we are renters.  It seems that I have one of these moments with each pregnancy.  Two days before Cade's due date our water heater busted while James was at work and I was home alone.  Thank you, Lord, that we rent this apartment and this will be repaired in a timely fashion and at no cost to me.  A week and a half before Kyler was born the air conditioner went out.  It was June and over 90 degrees.  Thank you again, Lord, that all I had to do was call and the repair guy had it fixed by the end of the day.

This is what the cabinet looks like now (minus the sopping towel):
The repair did not get sone until almost time for me to leave for church, so the rest of the project will have to wait. 

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