Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A plan and some accomplishments

We are now back in town and everyone is well(ish).  Over the last month while I have been seriously lacking in energy I have been working out a plan for things I want to do, so now I am putting the plan into action.  I found a 2012 declutter calendar on  After looking at it I decided to make my own calendar.  Beth's calendar is great, but if I make my own I can make it more specific to what really needs to be done in my home and life.  Also, her calendar goes through the whole year and I just want one that will got to the end of April.  I am only scheduling things for the calendar about 2 weeks ahead of time because this way I have a better idea of what is on the calendar.  Here are my goals for the week:
  •      Wednesday- Find a home for all new toys and gifts (the biggest challenge is the mountain of art supplies my son now has)
  •      Thursday- Type Christmas card mailing list so it will be easier next year
  •      Friday- Scan photos and organize them on the computer
  •      Saturday- Overhaul my closet
I am a little apprehensive about doing my closet, but I think this is the only way.  I have tried to work on it in small doses, but it just ends up being a bigger mess.  I have decided to take pretty much everything out of the closet and start all over on it.  I'm a little scared, but also optimistic.  I plan to post before and after pictures.

I know I have not gotten much posting done the last several weeks, but this does not mean that we got nothing done.  My wonderful husband turned this pile of wood
into this:
The boys love their new kitchen.  The most difficult part was keeping it a surprise for Christmas.  Each night after the boys were in bed James would work on it, then he would carry it up to our bedroom and cover it with a blanket in a corner.  One of the advantages of having a cluttered house is that the boys didn't even notice that it was there or try to look at what was under the blanket. 

Also, I threw away a lot of stuff yesterday and added a lot more to my Goodwill pile.  I even threw away my Christmas wreath that I made several year ago because it was faded and falling apart.  I am sad to see it go, but maybe I will get a new one made by next year.  I also threw away a bunch of funky bath toys that are WAY past their prime.  My biggest accomplishment of the day yesterday was that I worked on my kitchen reorganization plan.  I didn't actually do much organizing because my standing on chairs and lifting things is frowned upon right now, so I will just have to put my husband to work as soon as there is time.  My main motivation in the kitchen is to make room in my cabinets for a Pampered Chef deep covered baker before my birthday at the end of February. 

I now have 108 days until my goal.  I have no idea how I will do all of the things I want to in that time. 

Do you have plans to reorganize or simplify in 2012?  How do you intend to keep motivated?

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